SeaWorld San Antonio Coupons – Save Money On Your Visit

SeaWorld San Antonio Sign

San Antonio’s SeaWorld is a fun place to go and see adorable animals when escaping the Texas heat. SeaWorld also offers a wide variety of rides, dining, and shows to entertain you while at SeaWorld. As everyone who has been to SeaWorld knows it can get pricey fast. There is the cost for the admission, dining, shows as well as other cost. Don’t let the price stop you from going and having fun though.

SeaWorld San Antonio Coupons

SeaWorld offers many deals for admission tickets, shows, dining, and the water park. The first place you should go when looking for these deals is They make it easy to find the coupons and discounts and create links for you to access them and their conditions right away. Currently they have over 8 different active deals offered by SeaWorld listed.

SeaWorld San Antonio Veteran Discounts

SeaWorld Military DiscountSan Antonio SeaWorld offers special discounts for our veterans. Veterans and retired service members can receive discounts on the one or two day park fun card. This offer can be taken advantage of online but no at the SeaWorld gate. When arriving to SeaWorld a military ID must be provided at the gate. For active duty members a four day complimentary single admission for themselves and three other dependents can be used once a year. The tickets must be registered for online by September 4th but is active until December 31st, 2017. Military ID must also be proved at the gate when using these tickets. For any other Terms and Conditions regarding military discounts see the SeaWorld website.

SeaWorld Passes – Choosing the Best One

SeaWorld has so much to offer and it will take more than one day to get through it all. That is why I recommend the annual pass, so you can enjoy all SeaWorld has to offer with a one time fee. The annual season pass can be pricey which is why you will want to surf the deals offered for them. The most common and popular deals for SeaWorld right now are for their one year passes and you can find them on Coupon Dad. 

The most popular on is the deal for a one year pass to SeaWorld and their Aquatic water park plus free parking for only $109, saving you $26. Another popular deal for annual passes is paying $10 a month for both parks. The pass can be paid as a one time fee or as a downpayment of $25 and then $7 a month. The price may seem a little steep but it offers a lot including the admission for a year. You get free general parking, 25% off Discovery Point swims, 20% off dining and shopping, and you can bring a friend for free. The annual pass also includes early entry into the parks. If the Aquatic water park doesn’t interest you then there is an annual pass for just SeaWorld at the price of $105.

SeaWorld also has deals on all day passes. Right now you can get $10 off an all day pass when you order them three days in advance by using the code on Coupon Dad. After the $10 saving a one day ticket will only cost you $58. This ticket is only for the SeaWorld park though. If you want a admission to both the SeaWorld park and the Aquatica water park then SeaWorld offers a seven consecutive days pass for $69. Exclusions do apply to the general tickets. The tickets expire one year after their purchase and blackout days do apply. SeaWorld also has a changing operating schedule so make sure to check the calendar before purchasing your tickets.  



The Insider Guide to Visiting SeaWorld for Overseas Visitors

SeaWorld is one of those special places that attracts visitors from all over the world, and not just the United States. Sure we’re a little more cautious with visitors from overseas, and the airports can be a little slower with baggage checks, passport control and long queues, but we assure you that it is worth it.

When you have the best parks and aquatic attractions in the world, like the Seaworld complex, it can be hard to hold the people back. That’s not to mention the glorious sunshine, fresh orange juice and hospitable crocodiles just waiting your next visit.

To help make your next visit to the USA and Seaworld that little bit smoother, please read the tips from the Online Luggage Shop.


We look forward to welcoming you to the sunny United States of America.


The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental in Lake Superior

Lake Superior vacations are relaxingThere is a pretty compelling reason why Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Lake Superior is the biggest lake in the region and Minnesota’s portion of the lake alone is the biggest covering 962,700 acres. It is also the deepest body of water in the state at 1,290 ft. If you are planning to visit Lake Superior soon it is best to strategize your visit. Keep in mind that tourist season reaches its peak during the summer season. Best to book your vacation rental in Lake Superior early on to avoid inconvenience. Here are some tips on how to find that perfect vacation rental.

Book Early Your Vacation Rental Lake Superior

There is just no way to really get the best vacation rental at Loon Lodge on Lake Superior than by booking early. Doing so will let you avoid the rush, pick the place you want and enjoy better rates. The best time to do would be in the off-season like in late May and June as this is considered the least crowded. Keep in mind though that the weather can be a bit unpredictable and black flies are usually in abundance.

Beautiful Lake Superior Cabin

Plan the Best Time to Go

From the middle of June, you will discover that festivals and attractions on the lake are at their full swing. Blueberry picking season begins in late July and swimming is best on the south shore in August. A lot of folks like to visit in September when the weather is quite nice and there are not a lot of bugs around.

Great video showing the beauty of Lake Superior.

Know What You Prefer

What are your plans? Are you going to spend the bulk of your vacation lounging around in your vacation rental or being out and about? Do you prefer a view of the lake? By knowing what you prefer early on can help you find the right vacation rental in Lake Superior without having to overspend. Do make sure that you coordinate with your group beforehand so you can get the best deal for everybody.

Be Flexible with Your Dates

Unless you have booked a year in advance already, planning to go to Lake Superior during the peak tourist season can get a bit expensive. Lake Superior in the summertime means sky-high prices for the best villas and vacation rental spots. If you think that the price is too steep for your taste try moving your vacation in the spring or fall where many experienced Lake visitors know are the best seasons to visit anyway. In this way, you can get better availability and prices making it easier and more convenient for you to book, as there are more choices. Check out the booking sites as these feature fare charts that let you track rates over time. Try reserving your vacation rental in Lake Superior in the last week of off-peak season and you might be able to save hundreds of dollars.

Know Your Terms

If you are booking via a rental association or co-op, you need to know the difference between the different terms they use. “Garden view” for instance can mean just about anything. Know the difference between “Lakeview” and “Lakefront” as only one of them guarantees you are in the water. Don’t just assume. Always request for pictures of the rental property if there is nothing offered online.

Look at Other Sites

If you like many have a go-to site for rental queries, attempting to get the best selection possible means looking at listings from different sources. If you already know the area in Lake Superior you intend to stay in, try casting a wider net. You might just surprise yourself with the quality of searches you get. A good tip is to look at location-specific sites, which often have high quality listings that are usually under the radar.


Thinking About Purchasing a Hotel?

What Are The Fiscal Advantages Of Investing In Hotel Real Estate?

There are several opportunities which will financially help you by investing in hotel real estate. Depending upon your present financial condition and future investment goals, there are various elements that have to be considered when choosing both a business model in addition to a particular project. The next section will offer a summary on the substantial financial advantages that are achievable once you invest in property.

Home Appreciation

Even though forecasting future appreciation with good certainty isn’t possible, by considering particular financial indicators can help the Hotel Broker or Home Investor in understanding future trends with respect to land value and potential appreciation. A number of the key indicators are as follows:

Job growth

Job growth is an integral contributor in establishing potential future appreciation. As Main jobs (those occupations which export products outside of the local region like the car manufacturers of Detroit) increase, the demand for secondary jobs may even increase by 2-3 times the amount of main occupations. Secondary jobs supply services to the people performing the principal jobs. Examples of secondary tasks comprise these:

  • Restaurant Employees
  • Retail Store employees
  • Neighborhood Transactions (home buyers, plumbers, electricians, contractors, local movers etc.)
  • School Workers

Demographic Trends

Demographic tendencies are just another factor to consider when seeking finding out whether an area has the potential for future recognition. Demographic research provides data on the overall population of a place that includes the following:

  • Population changes
  • Age supply
  • Income
  • Family size
  • Hurry
  • Owners verses renters
  • Marital standing
  • Revitalization initiatives

Another factor that could impact the appreciation of a place isn’t any revitalization initiatives that the local government is undertaking. Revitalization can comprise these:

Tax grants, and loans to programmers and Investors to come in the region in addition to applications to help keep the recent employers from moving off.

Economic development offices in the local government are typically accountable for implementing and managing the revitalization efforts.

Cash flow

Another aspect of the way to financially gain from property investing is via the invention of cash flow. Even though there are lots of things which are taken into consideration which frees your cash flow, in other words, it’s the amount of money left over for you after all of the expenses are paid.

The term cash flow is generally related to properties which you’re holding and generating earnings from rental units or homes. The excellent thing about developing a cash flow stream is that it will typically persist whether you remain in bed all day or away on a holiday. But sustaining this cash flow will require some effort on your part and Might comprise the following:

  • Maintaining the property
  • Handling The present tenants
  • Maintaining The property inhabited
  • Handling Property management businesses


After the Hunt – Displaying Your Turkey on a Mounting Plaque

Turkey Hunting and Turkey Mounting Plaques

Are you just getting back from a well deserved vacation? Are you like me and love Turkey hunting? If you are then here are some tips on great ways to mount your prize bird!

After a long day of hunting turkey you don’t want your catch to go to waste. Consider displaying your turkey instead. You can use your turkey to create a beautiful turkey beard mount or a turkey fan mount. After displaying it you can show it off to all your buddies or simply admire it yourself.

When deciding on where to get that mount plaque from for displaying you turkey consider Stump Jumper Designs. They have some of the most gorgeous mounting plaques I have ever seen. One man, Tim the owner of the company, makes each mounting plaque himself so you know you are getting a high quality piece. Here a couple that we have ordered and love! 

Tiger Maple- Fat Track

The Tiger Maple mounting plaque is the most popular item sold by Stump Jumper Designs. The mounting plaque is an 8 ½’’ tall by 7’’ wide and 2’’ thick. It’s maple wood with a black and brown stained finish. There is a mounting slot in the back of the plaque allowing it to lay flat against the wall. For only $75 the Tiger Maple Fat Track mounting plaque is the perfect display for your turkey fan. This stunning plaque will make you proud to show off your catch.

Black Walnut- Fat Track

The Black Walnut Fat Track is a beautiful natural wood mounting black with a black walnut stain. This plaque has the same dimensions as the Tiger Maple and the same features. The difference between the Tiger Maple and the Black Walnut is that the Black Walnut is a lighter wood with vertical stripes. If you want more of a contrast between your turkey fan and your mounting plaque then I recommend the Black Walnut.

To Summarize

To finish your turkey fan or beard display consider Stump Jumper Designs for your mounting plaque. Their plaques are each hand made for the highest quality work. If you order your plaque from Stump Jumper Designs you won’t be disappointed.


Expensive Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Rental car in Beaumont, TX at Eastex Auto Rental

Don’t Spend Too Much on Car Rentals

Traveling can be stressful when costs start to get high. If you are renting a car during your travels remember these tips to diminish some of the cost. Some of the most common mistakes when renting a car can also be the most costly.

Skipping Inspection

When renting a car it always important to inspect it for damage before leaving. If possible it’s better to do the inspection with an employee. Make note of all damage done to the car and have the employee write it down. Any scratches, nicks, dents to the body of the car or stains and tears in the upholstery can be charged to you upon return of the car. Small damages to the car can quickly add up and become expensive.

Car Rental Insurance

Before traveling make sure to check your auto insurance and your credit card company’s policies to see if they cover car rentals. Most auto insurances and some credit card companies provide the basic coverage for car rentals. Car rental companies will try to convince you that you need their car rental insurance as well. This can double the cost of renting a car. In some cases their car insurance is worth the extra cost but most of the time it’s not which is why it’s important to know your company’s policies.

Airport Car Rentals

Airport rental car companies

Another common mistake when renting cars is renting from airport car rental companies. It may be convenient to rent from an airports car rental company but it is also more costly than other car rental companies. It’s a good idea to compare car rental companies online before traveling to your destination. This is the best way to find the most cost friendly price when renting cars.

Not Filling the Gas Tank

If you choose not to prepay for gas than car rental companies expect you to return the car with a full tank. If you chose not to fill the tank than car rental companies charge you a certain amount per gallon of what needs to be filled. With certain companies this could be most costly than renting the car itself. Some companies charge up to $9 or $10 per gallon if your gas tank isn’t full.

Renting Additional Accessories

Renting the things you need for your car at the rental company may seem like a smarter plan than flying with the items but it is actually quite costly. Most car rental companies charge a daily fee for each accessory you need. For example if you need a gps or car seats it can be between $10-$20 each day you rent the car. It’s cheaper to fly with your own gps and car seat especially since car seats fly for no additional cost to you.

Late Returns

A more obvious costly mistake is returning the car later than the time given to you by the company. Even if the car is 30 minutes late the car rental company will charge you with an additional late day cost. Depending on the company these charges can be steep.


If you follow these simple tips we got from the car rental experts at Eastex Auto Rentals then you can rest assured you are not wasting money. Car renting doesn’t have to be a painful or overly expensive process.

Make sure to follow the experts at Eastex Auto Rental on social media for more tips and suggestions.


Looking to travel abroad? Check out the top 4 items to carry

Traveling abroad is the most exciting experience especially when you have never traveled a particular place. Well, no matter where you travel, you need to carry a lot many items. If it is a short trip, fewer items will be needed. Whether you are planning a long term trip or a short term trip to a local region, you may require certain essentials.

Carry all your documents

When you are traveling to an international destination, you cannot forget any of the documents. Some of the items that are must to carry include a boarding pass, the passport, the list of flight itinerary, proof of address where you are staying, a printout to confirm that you paid for the electronic visa. Apart from these, you also need to carry a copy of accommodation and transportation plans that you made for the travel.

Some personal grooming items

Even if you are staying in a mid scale hotel or a five star hotel, you must always carry your own grooming items. A microfiber towel must top the list along with items like a good quality hand lotion, a deodorant, toothbrush and mini toothpaste, sunscreen lotion, your own cosmetics and jewelry. Face wipes and bath wipes must also be added to the baggage.

Ear plugs and eye mask

After the sightseeing activity, you would like to enjoy a good night’s sleep. You must carry an eye mask and ear plugs.

Some entertainment accessories

If you love music, do carry your headphone. Carry your iPod, Kindle book reader and a few movie CDs.

Reasons for choosing beach resorts when taking family vacations

Looking to undertake a family vacation? Beach resorts are the finest destinations meant for the families. People of all ages can have fun moments in the beach resort. There are various reasons why beach resorts are gaining ground.

Beach resort is the perfect way to escape the city

If you wish to escape the huzz and buzz of the city life, you can choose a beach resort. Here you may enjoy calm and tranquil moments much away from your mundane existence.

Enjoy the fun activities

Beach resorts will offer you water sports activities to let you create memorable memories. You may indulge in the fun and exciting activities by traveling a beach area. Indeed, it is a beach resort which organizes water sports activities for the travelers.

The best beach resorts offer the ultimate in luxury

There are a lot many beach resorts in the world that just offers the ultimate in luxury. They feature extremely luxurious suites and rooms to give a traveler the experience of the lifetime.

The resorts near beaches are for the whole family

As already stated that people of all ages can have complete fun in the beach resort, it is suitable for all. Kids can wonderfully indulge in the exhilarating activities and middle aged and old people can undertake sightseeing tours.

The benefit of luxurious amenities

Modern beach resorts offer a lot many amenities to pamper the travelers. They include a swimming pool where you may unwind, a fitness center, basketball and tennis court, delicious meals, etc.

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How to make business trips successful?

Business tours are now getting upgraded these days, so that the travelers can experience the highest comfort and enjoyment. These tours are usually conducted for meeting corporate clients. Different kinds of business meetings or events can be now easily attended by means of attending these tours.

Best tips:

Multiple options can be now easily availed in case of business tours and you should compare all the options so that the best one can be chosen that can cater you the highest comfort along with great pleasure.

  • You should make all the necessary arrangements from the very beginning, so that unwanted hassles can be easily eliminated. On the other hand, advance booking of flights and hotel can also cater you the opportunity of getting affordable costs.
  • You should rely on an expert guide so that you can get better guidance regarding how to make a successful tour plan for corporate purposes. You can hire any tour expert so that you can receive all sorts of assistance that can make your business travel much more comfortable and luxurious.
  • You should look for luxurious facilities or amenities that can cater you the highest pleasure in conducting any kind of business travel.

How to plan business trips perfectly?

If you are going to visit your foreign clients, then you have to be more cautious than any normal tours. You should prepare your presentations for making our clients impressed. You should reach on time so that you can maintain your professionalism, personality and outstanding sense of duty.

There are some major steps that need to be essentially followed for getting a successful business tour. These steps will help you to get the maximized satisfaction and happiness during travel. Top-class arrangements should be made in order to make everything absolutely perfect.

Primary Steps:

  • Get the best travel-agent so that you do not face any unwanted situations or inconveniences while making business trips. If you travel on an often in a year, then you can book an annual package from your agent so that you can enjoy the tour facilities throughout the year without any kind of interruption.
  • Trading tricks should be known and these tricks should be applied for making your travel full of comfort. In fact, these tricks can help you reach your specific targets or goals. You should plan everything in a systematic manner so that absolutely flawless tour can be planned. Meeting times should be adjusted well and make sure you are reaching at your clients’ places on time.
  • Routine packing should be followed in this respect so that you can take all the necessary accessories or things that are required for your business trips. Apply different beneficial strategies for making the packing faster.

Chalk out a perfect plan, including the total mileages you are crossing so that the reaching time can be estimated well. There are many programs that can help in conducting business trips smoothly and you are requested following them in case you are travelling for the first time.

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