SeaWorld San Antonio Coupons – Save Money On Your Visit

SeaWorld San Antonio Sign

San Antonio’s SeaWorld is a fun place to go and see adorable animals when escaping the Texas heat. SeaWorld also offers a wide variety of rides, dining, and shows to entertain you while at SeaWorld. As everyone who has been to SeaWorld knows it can get pricey fast. There is the cost for the admission, dining, shows as well as other cost. Don’t let the price stop you from going and having fun though.

SeaWorld San Antonio Coupons

SeaWorld offers many deals for admission tickets, shows, dining, and the water park. The first place you should go when looking for these deals is They make it easy to find the coupons and discounts and create links for you to access them and their conditions right away. Currently they have over 8 different active deals offered by SeaWorld listed.

SeaWorld San Antonio Veteran Discounts

SeaWorld Military DiscountSan Antonio SeaWorld offers special discounts for our veterans. Veterans and retired service members can receive discounts on the one or two day park fun card. This offer can be taken advantage of online but no at the SeaWorld gate. When arriving to SeaWorld a military ID must be provided at the gate. For active duty members a four day complimentary single admission for themselves and three other dependents can be used once a year. The tickets must be registered for online by September 4th but is active until December 31st, 2017. Military ID must also be proved at the gate when using these tickets. For any other Terms and Conditions regarding military discounts see the SeaWorld website.

SeaWorld Passes – Choosing the Best One

SeaWorld has so much to offer and it will take more than one day to get through it all. That is why I recommend the annual pass, so you can enjoy all SeaWorld has to offer with a one time fee. The annual season pass can be pricey which is why you will want to surf the deals offered for them. The most common and popular deals for SeaWorld right now are for their one year passes and you can find them on Coupon Dad. 

The most popular on is the deal for a one year pass to SeaWorld and their Aquatic water park plus free parking for only $109, saving you $26. Another popular deal for annual passes is paying $10 a month for both parks. The pass can be paid as a one time fee or as a downpayment of $25 and then $7 a month. The price may seem a little steep but it offers a lot including the admission for a year. You get free general parking, 25% off Discovery Point swims, 20% off dining and shopping, and you can bring a friend for free. The annual pass also includes early entry into the parks. If the Aquatic water park doesn’t interest you then there is an annual pass for just SeaWorld at the price of $105.

SeaWorld also has deals on all day passes. Right now you can get $10 off an all day pass when you order them three days in advance by using the code on Coupon Dad. After the $10 saving a one day ticket will only cost you $58. This ticket is only for the SeaWorld park though. If you want a admission to both the SeaWorld park and the Aquatica water park then SeaWorld offers a seven consecutive days pass for $69. Exclusions do apply to the general tickets. The tickets expire one year after their purchase and blackout days do apply. SeaWorld also has a changing operating schedule so make sure to check the calendar before purchasing your tickets.  



After the Hunt – Displaying Your Turkey on a Mounting Plaque

Turkey Hunting and Turkey Mounting Plaques

Are you just getting back from a well deserved vacation? Are you like me and love Turkey hunting? If you are then here are some tips on great ways to mount your prize bird!

After a long day of hunting turkey you don’t want your catch to go to waste. Consider displaying your turkey instead. You can use your turkey to create a beautiful turkey beard mount or a turkey fan mount. After displaying it you can show it off to all your buddies or simply admire it yourself.

When deciding on where to get that mount plaque from for displaying you turkey consider Stump Jumper Designs. They have some of the most gorgeous mounting plaques I have ever seen. One man, Tim the owner of the company, makes each mounting plaque himself so you know you are getting a high quality piece. Here a couple that we have ordered and love! 

Tiger Maple- Fat Track

The Tiger Maple mounting plaque is the most popular item sold by Stump Jumper Designs. The mounting plaque is an 8 ½’’ tall by 7’’ wide and 2’’ thick. It’s maple wood with a black and brown stained finish. There is a mounting slot in the back of the plaque allowing it to lay flat against the wall. For only $75 the Tiger Maple Fat Track mounting plaque is the perfect display for your turkey fan. This stunning plaque will make you proud to show off your catch.

Black Walnut- Fat Track

The Black Walnut Fat Track is a beautiful natural wood mounting black with a black walnut stain. This plaque has the same dimensions as the Tiger Maple and the same features. The difference between the Tiger Maple and the Black Walnut is that the Black Walnut is a lighter wood with vertical stripes. If you want more of a contrast between your turkey fan and your mounting plaque then I recommend the Black Walnut.

To Summarize

To finish your turkey fan or beard display consider Stump Jumper Designs for your mounting plaque. Their plaques are each hand made for the highest quality work. If you order your plaque from Stump Jumper Designs you won’t be disappointed.


Looking to travel abroad? Check out the top 4 items to carry

Traveling abroad is the most exciting experience especially when you have never traveled a particular place. Well, no matter where you travel, you need to carry a lot many items. If it is a short trip, fewer items will be needed. Whether you are planning a long term trip or a short term trip to a local region, you may require certain essentials.

Carry all your documents

When you are traveling to an international destination, you cannot forget any of the documents. Some of the items that are must to carry include a boarding pass, the passport, the list of flight itinerary, proof of address where you are staying, a printout to confirm that you paid for the electronic visa. Apart from these, you also need to carry a copy of accommodation and transportation plans that you made for the travel.

Some personal grooming items

Even if you are staying in a mid scale hotel or a five star hotel, you must always carry your own grooming items. A microfiber towel must top the list along with items like a good quality hand lotion, a deodorant, toothbrush and mini toothpaste, sunscreen lotion, your own cosmetics and jewelry. Face wipes and bath wipes must also be added to the baggage.

Ear plugs and eye mask

After the sightseeing activity, you would like to enjoy a good night’s sleep. You must carry an eye mask and ear plugs.

Some entertainment accessories

If you love music, do carry your headphone. Carry your iPod, Kindle book reader and a few movie CDs.

Reasons for choosing beach resorts when taking family vacations

Looking to undertake a family vacation? Beach resorts are the finest destinations meant for the families. People of all ages can have fun moments in the beach resort. There are various reasons why beach resorts are gaining ground.

Beach resort is the perfect way to escape the city

If you wish to escape the huzz and buzz of the city life, you can choose a beach resort. Here you may enjoy calm and tranquil moments much away from your mundane existence.

Enjoy the fun activities

Beach resorts will offer you water sports activities to let you create memorable memories. You may indulge in the fun and exciting activities by traveling a beach area. Indeed, it is a beach resort which organizes water sports activities for the travelers.

The best beach resorts offer the ultimate in luxury

There are a lot many beach resorts in the world that just offers the ultimate in luxury. They feature extremely luxurious suites and rooms to give a traveler the experience of the lifetime.

The resorts near beaches are for the whole family

As already stated that people of all ages can have complete fun in the beach resort, it is suitable for all. Kids can wonderfully indulge in the exhilarating activities and middle aged and old people can undertake sightseeing tours.

The benefit of luxurious amenities

Modern beach resorts offer a lot many amenities to pamper the travelers. They include a swimming pool where you may unwind, a fitness center, basketball and tennis court, delicious meals, etc.

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