Turkey Hunting and Turkey Mounting Plaques

Are you just getting back from a well deserved vacation? Are you like me and love Turkey hunting? If you are then here are some tips on great ways to mount your prize bird!

After a long day of hunting turkey you don’t want your catch to go to waste. Consider displaying your turkey instead. You can use your turkey to create a beautiful turkey beard mount or a turkey fan mount. After displaying it you can show it off to all your buddies or simply admire it yourself.

When deciding on where to get that mount plaque from for displaying you turkey consider Stump Jumper Designs. They have some of the most gorgeous mounting plaques I have ever seen. One man, Tim the owner of the company, makes each mounting plaque himself so you know you are getting a high quality piece. Here a couple that we have ordered and love! 

Tiger Maple- Fat Track


The Tiger Maple mounting plaque is the most popular item sold by Stump Jumper Designs. The mounting plaque is an 8 ½’’ tall by 7’’ wide and 2’’ thick. It’s maple wood with a black and brown stained finish. There is a mounting slot in the back of the plaque allowing it to lay flat against the wall. For only $75 the Tiger Maple Fat Track mounting plaque is the perfect display for your turkey fan. This stunning plaque will make you proud to show off your catch.

Black Walnut- Fat Track


The Black Walnut Fat Track is a beautiful natural wood mounting black with a black walnut stain. This plaque has the same dimensions as the Tiger Maple and the same features. The difference between the Tiger Maple and the Black Walnut is that the Black Walnut is a lighter wood with vertical stripes. If you want more of a contrast between your turkey fan and your mounting plaque then I recommend the Black Walnut.

To Summarize

To finish your turkey fan or beard display consider Stump Jumper Designs for your mounting plaque. Their plaques are each hand made for the highest quality work. If you order your plaque from Stump Jumper Designs you won’t be disappointed.