Lake Superior vacations are relaxingThere is a pretty compelling reason why Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Lake Superior is the biggest lake in the region and Minnesota’s portion of the lake alone is the biggest covering 962,700 acres. It is also the deepest body of water in the state at 1,290 ft. If you are planning to visit Lake Superior soon it is best to strategize your visit. Keep in mind that tourist season reaches its peak during the summer season. Best to book your vacation rental in Lake Superior early on to avoid inconvenience. Here are some tips on how to find that perfect vacation rental.

Book Early Your Vacation Rental Lake Superior

There is just no way to really get the best vacation rental at Loon Lodge on Lake Superior than by booking early. Doing so will let you avoid the rush, pick the place you want and enjoy better rates. The best time to do would be in the off-season like in late May and June as this is considered the least crowded. Keep in mind though that the weather can be a bit unpredictable and black flies are usually in abundance.

Beautiful Lake Superior Cabin

Plan the Best Time to Go

From the middle of June, you will discover that festivals and attractions on the lake are at their full swing. Blueberry picking season begins in late July and swimming is best on the south shore in August. A lot of folks like to visit in September when the weather is quite nice and there are not a lot of bugs around.

Great video showing the beauty of Lake Superior.

Know What You Prefer

What are your plans? Are you going to spend the bulk of your vacation lounging around in your vacation rental or being out and about? Do you prefer a view of the lake? By knowing what you prefer early on can help you find the right vacation rental in Lake Superior without having to overspend. Do make sure that you coordinate with your group beforehand so you can get the best deal for everybody.

Be Flexible with Your Dates

Unless you have booked a year in advance already, planning to go to Lake Superior during the peak tourist season can get a bit expensive. Lake Superior in the summertime means sky-high prices for the best villas and vacation rental spots. If you think that the price is too steep for your taste try moving your vacation in the spring or fall where many experienced Lake visitors know are the best seasons to visit anyway. In this way, you can get better availability and prices making it easier and more convenient for you to book, as there are more choices. Check out the booking sites as these feature fare charts that let you track rates over time. Try reserving your vacation rental in Lake Superior in the last week of off-peak season and you might be able to save hundreds of dollars.

Know Your Terms

If you are booking via a rental association or co-op, you need to know the difference between the different terms they use. “Garden view” for instance can mean just about anything. Know the difference between “Lakeview” and “Lakefront” as only one of them guarantees you are in the water. Don’t just assume. Always request for pictures of the rental property if there is nothing offered online.

Look at Other Sites

If you like many have a go-to site for rental queries, attempting to get the best selection possible means looking at listings from different sources. If you already know the area in Lake Superior you intend to stay in, try casting a wider net. You might just surprise yourself with the quality of searches you get. A good tip is to look at location-specific sites, which often have high quality listings that are usually under the radar.