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Don’t Spend Too Much on Car Rentals

Traveling can be stressful when costs start to get high. If you are renting a car during your travels remember these tips to diminish some of the cost. Some of the most common mistakes when renting a car can also be the most costly.

Skipping Inspection

When renting a car it always important to inspect it for damage before leaving. If possible it’s better to do the inspection with an employee. Make note of all damage done to the car and have the employee write it down. Any scratches, nicks, dents to the body of the car or stains and tears in the upholstery can be charged to you upon return of the car. Small damages to the car can quickly add up and become expensive.

Car Rental Insurance

Before traveling make sure to check your auto insurance and your credit card company’s policies to see if they cover car rentals. Most auto insurances and some credit card companies provide the basic coverage for car rentals. Car rental companies will try to convince you that you need their car rental insurance as well. This can double the cost of renting a car. In some cases their car insurance is worth the extra cost but most of the time it’s not which is why it’s important to know your company’s policies.

Airport Car Rentals

Airport rental car companies

Another common mistake when renting cars is renting from airport car rental companies. It may be convenient to rent from an airports car rental company but it is also more costly than other car rental companies. It’s a good idea to compare car rental companies online before traveling to your destination. This is the best way to find the most cost friendly price when renting cars.

Not Filling the Gas Tank

If you choose not to prepay for gas than car rental companies expect you to return the car with a full tank. If you chose not to fill the tank than car rental companies charge you a certain amount per gallon of what needs to be filled. With certain companies this could be most costly than renting the car itself. Some companies charge up to $9 or $10 per gallon if your gas tank isn’t full.

Renting Additional Accessories

Renting the things you need for your car at the rental company may seem like a smarter plan than flying with the items but it is actually quite costly. Most car rental companies charge a daily fee for each accessory you need. For example if you need a gps or car seats it can be between $10-$20 each day you rent the car. It’s cheaper to fly with your own gps and car seat especially since car seats fly for no additional cost to you.

Late Returns

A more obvious costly mistake is returning the car later than the time given to you by the company. Even if the car is 30 minutes late the car rental company will charge you with an additional late day cost. Depending on the company these charges can be steep.


If you follow these simple tips we got from the car rental experts at Eastex Auto Rentals then you can rest assured you are not wasting money. Car renting doesn’t have to be a painful or overly expensive process.

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